Parking garage with Service and parking        near Düsseldorf Airport
                 While you are travelling we take care of your car. Against fair prices!                  
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Leave the motorway A44 at the exit Düsseldorf-Flughafen/Lichtenbroich.

Attention: there are radar speed checks on the A44 in both driving directions on a regular basis!

Now just follow the signposting Abflug. You are automatically guided to the departure terminal. (See red marking on the photo).

At the terminal keep right. This area is envisaged for loading and unloading. This area is positioned for departure terminals A, B and C. Every entrance area has white numbers on the glass doors on the right. Please inform our service employee about this number and your name. You will receive the required telephone number with your reservation confirmation.

In app. 5 – 10 min., our service employee will be at the departure terminal and takes over your vehicle.

Never leave your vehicle unattended, since the traffic wardens quickly impose a fine.

The Düsseldorf airport also established a Valet Park service station straight in front of departure terminal B. Please don’t deliver your car here. You always have to call our service employees.
1 - 7 days only 38,00 € minimum charge for a parking place, not sheltered each additional day 3,00 € * Tarif A
1 - 5 days only 37,00 € minimum charge for parking place in parking house/underground parking each additional day 4,00 € *
*plus one-time 15 € service charge for collecting and returning your car                                                                              Tarif A

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All prices are incl. 19 % VAT