Parking garage with Service and parking        near Düsseldorf Airport
                 While you are travelling we take care of your car. Against fair prices!                  
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The parking garage | the advantages | Security

Our former car park, situated directly at Dusseldorf Airport, has been operated by us for 5 years. Our customers had to park the cars themselves and where then transferred to the departure terminal by shuttle.

Unfortunately, in the past we were facing more and more complaints from our customers. The reasons were:
  1. damage due to parking of adjacent cars
  2. damaging of doors due to reckless contemporaries when exiting the car
  3. damage due to reckless luggage handling
  4. 1.damage due to speeding on the gravel car park (chipping damage)
That’s history now. At our car park, only our drivers are allowed to move and park the vehicles. No customer can drive his vehicle himselve.

At K-PARKING, the employees who are moving and parking the vehicles are at least 45 years old. These employees are occupied since the company was founded and are very reliable. 

That your security has a high priority for us, you can also see on our reservation form. When making a reservation through our homepage, nobody has to specify either his address or his bank connection details. In this way, hackers can never find out when your home or your bank account is unattended. We have the opinion that across the internet, no secure data transfer is possible. When handing over personal data, this is nearly always suggested.
1 - 7 days only 38,00 € minimum charge for a parking place, not sheltered each additional day 3,00 € * Tarif A
1 - 5 days only 37,00 € minimum charge for parking place in parking house/underground parking each additional day 4,00 € *
*plus one-time 15 € service charge for collecting and returning your car                                                                              Tarif A

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All prices are incl. 19 % VAT